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Dust is a constant concern wherever grain is handled. Since grain dust is the fuel for an explosion, decreasing the amount of dust present at all points in a grain handling structure is the most important step to be taken to prevent explosions. The installation of poorly designed dust control systems has fostered a false sense of security, and the disappointing performance of improperly designed systems has generated hidden costs for the grain handling industry.

It is particularly important that suspended dust concentrations in enclosures be kept below the lower explosive limit and that layered dust, the main fuel for secondary explosions, not be allowed to accumulate at any location. This is a key reason for the new OSHA regulations on dust accumulation.

We focus on the dust collection requirements in the grain handling industry by providing equipment, parts, services, and our Day Filters™ bags to keep your Carter Day, Donaldson® Torit®, and Air-Cure dust collectors operating in their optimum condition. Our vast experience and wealth of knowledge has helped many operators over the years to make sure their dust collection system is working effectively and efficiently.

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We provide high quality OEM RF and RJ or replacement bags for your dust collector.
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