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The Midwest is the center of the ethanol industry with over one hundred plants producing most of the total ethanol production in the country. New technologies are improving the production process and expanding the types of useful feed stocks to include not only corn but woodchips, sugar waste, or even garbage. New products, improved efficiencies, and diverse feed stocks are opening new doors and greater opportunity for scores of communities across the country.

Winger supplied Tranter heat exchangers to over 100 ethanol plants from the beginning of the ethanol boom. We have used our expertise to optimize the performance of the Beer/Mash Train, the Ferm Coolers, the Economizers and other applications at many plants.

For the baghouses controlling and containing fugitive dust from the distillers’ grains, or for the ethanol plants combusting coal for process steam, look to Winger Inc. for equipment, parts, service and our original Day Filters™ bags. We have the most extensive grain and coal dust collection experience in the Ethanol industry.

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We provide high quality OEM RF and RJ or replacement bags for your dust collector.
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