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PD Pumps - Metering With Solids
If you are looking to meter a fluid with a solid, please Contact Us at Winger Inc. and we will discuss your needs. Our positive-displacement pumps and loss-in-weight tanks can be found in many industries including Biopharmaceutical, Extrusion, Food, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Biofuels, Specialty Coatings, Adhesives and Multi-Component Urethanes.

Zenith pumps can be readily integrated into our feeding systems to meet the strict requirements of our customers’ applications. These pumps can be used with a mass flow meter, and offer precise, pulseless metering of your liquid.

We also use Pulsafeeder in our chemical feed systems. Pulsafeeder offers a wide array of reciprocating pumps, metering pumps, and transfer pumps to fit many chemical applications.

Contact Us to order parts, equipment or filter bags, or for additional information including brochures and manuals.

We provide high quality OEM RF and RJ or replacement bags for your dust collector.
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