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K-tron Gravimetric Feeders

Winger has placed hundreds of gravimetric feeders in processes ranging from 10g/hr to 25,000 lb/hr and feeding very difficult to handle materials.

Gravimetric feeding uses a weighing module to feed dry bulk material or liquid into a process at a constant weight per unit of time. The system works by creating a feedback loop that monitors the feeding of product while allowing for accurate material control.


Winger primarily uses K-tron’s modular Loss-in-Weight feeders. This feeder is specifically useful for feeding difficult materials of varying density. Configured properly, this product provides long term accuracy and repeatability in an automated system where dust control is a concern. All systems come with quality documentation. Models include Twin Screw, Single Screw, Belt, and Liquid.

Microfeeder and Compact Loss-In-Weight feeders

When in need of accuracy and repeatability in a lab application, pilot project, or feeding minor ingredients for a recipe, the Microfeeder and Compact Loss-In-Weight feeders are a prime choice. These feeders will produce consistent feeding and reliable recipe repeatability. Use the Microfeeder for feed rates as low as 0.04 dm³/hr (0.0014 ft³/hr). If space is a concern, the Compact Feeders are designed to handle low feed rate applications in small spaces without compromising the accuracy or consistency of required results.

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