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Heat Exchangers
At Winger Inc. we use our extensive experience in providing heat exchangers for our customers to solve heat transfer problems. We will analyze your needs and application to select the ideal heat exchanger for your requirements, providing equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry, including Tranter, Mueller, and WCR. Winger utilizes the manufacturers’ factory software to provide accurate sizing and performance to select the ideal heat exchanger for your needs.

Winger uses a wide selection of Gasketed and Welded plate heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers are more controllable and responsive, thanks to their higher heat transfer coefficients and lower hold-up volume. The process stabilizes more rapidly for tighter process control and steady comfort in all applications through load swings.

Plate and Frame heat exchangers are used for applications that require cleaning and/or expansion. Welded heat exchangers are used for clean fluids and fluids that are incompatible with gaskets.

We carefully select our vendor for Prime surface Panel heat exchangers depending upon the need for stainless steel or carbon steel and in consideration for quality, delivery, and price.

Paul Mueller Company specializes in the design and manufacture of Gasketed heat exchangers for the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, biofuels, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and pure water industries. We provide Mueller products that include Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchangers, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers and Sanitary Plate Heat Exchangers.

We use Mueller Temp-Plate for Prime Surface heat exchange that requires stainless steel construction.

WCR also has a wide selection of plates suitable for many different applications from sanitary and sterile applications in food and pharmaceutical processes to heavy industrial applications. At Winger Inc, we can provide you with the WCR Plate Heat Exchangers, Brazed Heat Exchangers, Welded Heat Exchangers (including Block Welded and Plate & Shell).

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We provide high quality OEM RF and RJ or replacement bags for your dust collector.
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