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Dust Collection

Air-Cure Inc. is a leader in the industry with over 60 years of experience manufacturing and supplying complete dust collection systems. Air-Cure specializes in PRB coal dust handling. Their knowledgeable and professional in house engineering group has been involved in over 700 system installations in this market. In additions to PRB coal dust, these systems are also designed for other applications such as wood, grain, glass, clay, taconite, soda ash, sugar and starch.

Users and organizations alike recognize the Air-Cure RF dust collector for its cost savings, energy conservation and air pollution control. In two national design and technology competitions, this filter received two first place awards for reduction of energy consumption.

The Air-Cure RF filter is simple and the most cost efficient filter available.

  • Unique design for unmatched efficiency
  • The RF filter's cyclonic design promotes even more efficiency.
  • High Energy Pulse Jet (RF Filter) vs. Standard Pulse Jet
  • Uses positive filter bag grounding.
  • Lower installed cost

For more installation photos, please click here.

For more installation photos, please click here.
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We provide high quality OEM RF and RJ or replacement bags for your dust collector.
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